Zimm's Industrial Repair is located at 358 N. 6th Street in Colton California. We operate under a California Class D21 Machinery and Pumps Contractor's License; and doing business as Zimm's Industrial Repair Inc.

We are available to work either on a time and material basis (T&M), or on a firm bid basis. We have experience and expertise to handle the following types of jobs, however we are not limited to these specific areas.


Installation of new or used equpment, specializing in:

  • Tube Mill Entry Equipment such as Floops, H-Coils
  • Payoff Reels, Strip Feeders and Strip Cleaning Equipment
  • Tube Mills and Drives (Turk & Heller, Yoder and Rafter)
  • Low and High Frequency Welders (Thermatool and Yoder)
  • Induction Heating Equipment (Pillar, Ajax and Tocco)
  • Zinc Furnace Liner Repair and Replacement
  • Cutoff Machines (Alpha and Yoder)
  • Automatic Tube Bundling Machines (Mair, Dieco and Custom)


    We also have extensive experience in:  

  • Custom Machinery Design
  • Industrial Renovation
  • Fabrication and Installation of Conveying Systems and Tube Packaging Machines


    Additonally, we have proven expertise in the following Off-Line Machine Processes:  

  • Metal and Tube Cutting
  • Threading
  • Deburring
  • Painting
  • Packaging
  • All Facets of Plumbing


    We employ a small crew of highly qualified and dedicated jouneyman level personnel with the requisite skills in Design, Fabrication, Machine Repair, Layout and Machining.




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